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Fernán Pérez (Almería)
0 years 9 months
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Platero es un cachorrón que convivía en una colonia de gatos callejeros, haciendose asi, el mejor amigo de ellos. Es un perro extremadamente sumiso y  noble.

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We clarify that the estimation of the adult weight of a puppy, is based on the approximate age of the puppy when rescued and its weight, on the rhythm of the growth, and the size of its paws and other factors that we know of the rescue, as possible existence of one or both parents.

Adult Dogs

It is very important for the future adopter to understand that the so-called "Hunting Dogs" like Podencos, Greyhounds etc… o Dogs of Prey for Big Game like Pitbulls, American Stanford etc. or the Bretons, Pointers, Bracos, Setters etc. that are the most common for this affiction, they have not been called hunting dogs because they need more exercise or oros habits of coexistence different, they have been named because of their physical characteristics they meet the requirements of their hunter, that is to say, Greyhounds are lightweight and run faster, they are tall to jump over rocks and bushes on the road and so they choose them for hunting hares as well as the podencos for hunting the rabbit. The characteristics of the dogs of prey, for their strength and bite are chosen for the big game. Others how for example the Bracos are chosen for their physical characteristics for hunting birds, with this we want to emphasize, that not because they are hunting dogs need more exercise than any other dog, regardless of their size.

It is also important to note, that there is a great lack of awareness on the part of the public regarding the compatibility between a big dog and a flat, we clarify that, the large or very large dog needs less exercise time to wear out its energy than a small-sized dog, that is, a large-sized dog gets tired much more than a small or mini-sized dog, so in no case, A large dog is not compatible with a flat, quite the contrary. A large or very large dog only needs one square meter to be able to lie down yn balanced dog who gets his physical and mental exercise needs covered outside the house, has to associate his territory (Floor) The tranquility and as long as you have space to lie down and get a quality of exercise outside will be compatible regardless of your size. The dog also does not notice if your house has garden, or terrace or does not have it, the dog in the absence of its caretaker, the only thing to do is to wait for it and does not care if its territory has terrace, garden or sea views, With this we conclude that no matter what your type of housing is when choosing a dog or its size, the most important thing when choosing a dog is your energy, schedule, availability, experience etc.